Hello, my name is Everett Thomas. I am the owner of P&ES. I felt that this brief history would answer some of the questions that you (as a prospective client) would have about our background and what we are currently "all about".

In 1983, I officially began my audio-visual career in the engineering department at a small, local TV station. In those days, since there was not much money for "toys" or personnel, each person did many things and did them with duct-tape, chewing gum & scraps of speaker wire (bailing wire was taken by upper management). My jobs included (but were not restricted to): helping design and install the Master Control (on-air) facility, the Production Control facility & Production Studio, the station's transmitter and the station's telephone system. I was also in charge of training everyone who was to use the equipment and trouble-shoot any problems. There were even times when I worked on-air in Master Control, produced & directed commercials & shows, shot & edited videos, was the voice on some commercials (I was even the co-host of the local "Kids Klub" show for 2-1/2 years)...did I mention that it was a small station?

OK, back to the subject - after 10 years, I decide that TV was no longer any fun but the "toys" were great. So, in 1993, I decided to start my own company and help with production shoots and the needs of engineering companies that were in the area. Hmmm...what to call the new company...well, I am a
support person for other production & engineering companies...so - why not PRODUCTION & ENGINEERING SUPPORT! That worked - for a while.

As time went on, the things that I was asked to do changed and so did the focus of my company. Today, I do all that I used too, and I consult, design, sell and install audio-visual systems for conference rooms, training facilities, schools, churches, auditoriums and do Home Cinema/Theater installations. Now that my scope of work has changed, my old name does not fully describe what I do. So, I have added
PRESENTATION & ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS to the list and (to keep the writer's cramp down when checks are written) I go by plain ole P&ES. It's so simple, it's brilliant!

Now it's time to add the "we" & "us" to our group and stop with "me" & "I":
My son,
Jim Thomas, is our lead installer and has been working with us since he was little (he did all of our "under house" crawling/wire pulling back in those days). He has gotten way to big for that now (check out his web site); but, he is a great installer and has many other great talents to bring to the projects we have.

Next is
Preston Kraft. Preston does installations and is our construction designer/foreman. He has a background in the home construction industry and is instrumental in overseeing all of the "wood-based" construction needs that we have (multi-level theater seating, etc.) and is great with repairs when "destruction" is necessary to do a job.

Finally, there's
Jonathan Wunrow. Jonathan brings a background in video & music production to our table (he owns a recording studio in Oakland, TN) and is great with installations and the electronics end of all we do.

There are many others that help on an "as needed" basis.

So, there you have it. I hope this helped answer any questions you might have. If you think of anything else, please contact us at:
Phone 901-553-1013, Fax 901-937-0239, Email mail@p-es.com .